ACLS Certification Page Review

The ACLS online certification page could improve it’s design in several ways. First I’ll say that the color scheme looks really good and appears professional and welcoming. I think, though, that the placement and sizing of pictures could be done more cleanly and in a more aesthetically pleasing way. On the first page of the site there’s a picture of several doctor’s faces with one woman’s face predominant in the front, I think this is a great picture to use but the sizing of the picture makes the woman’s face cut off at the forehead and right beneath her lower lip- this just looks a bit weird to me. I think it would look better were the picture space either resized to show more of her face or the picture slid upward to show only the bottom half of her face (excluding her eyes and hair), this would make it more obviously apparent to the viewer that it wasn’t originally intended by the website to squeeze hew whole face into the relatively small picture space. Then, scrolling to the bottom of the page, there is a collage of pictures; there needs to be a clean transition cutoff at the top and bottom of this collage instead of two small slivers of new rows of pictures. Having them makes the collage look less clean and finished.

Evolution of CPR Review

If I could make a couple of changes to the evolution of CPR infographic I would change both the color scheme to make the colors less hard- the red and blue are so plain and generic and second, I would try to make the page feel more inviting and free-flowing.  The pictures and stories illustrated are entertaining and even kind of comical but the  lack of creativity and excitement in the repetitive dashed-line design doesn’t do them justice.  The general design should just be tweaked a bit to draw in viewers and make the page flow more naturally downward.

You and Web Design

The medical coding and billing online program  page could improve it’s design by making the page more exciting.  The color scheme wasn’t awful but the dull flat lines and lack of creativity in shapes and in the general flow of the page was flat out boring, there was nothing about it at all which made me want to keep scrolling down.  Sometimes even if I’m not interested in a certain topic if I can find an intriguing enough advertisement or page describing it it will capture my attention long enough to cause me to actually consider wanting to learn about it, this page wasn’t that way.